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Google Business Profile ‘Openness’ Becomes a Strong Local Signal Vidi Digital 24/11/2023

Google Business Profile ‘Openness’ Becomes a Strong Local Signal

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Google’s recent emphasis on “openness” as a robust local signal has sparked a renewed focus on the importance of operational hours in Google Business Profiles. This shift in Google’s local ranking systems for non-navigational queries highlights the critical role that up-to-date business hours play in establishing a strong online presence. Google’s acknowledgment of the significance of “openness” underscores its commitment to delivering more relevant and user-friendly search results for local SEO in Cyprus.

The Evolution of ‘Openness’ as a Local Signal

Google’s revelation that “openness” has long been a part of its local ranking systems indicates a shift toward prioritising businesses that are more transparent and accessible. For non-navigational queries, the emphasis on “openness” as a stronger signal signals a change in the way Google evaluates and ranks local businesses.

The Role of Operational Hours in Google Business Profiles

One crucial aspect of this evolving landscape is the significance of keeping operational hours up-to-date in Google Business Profiles. Accurate and current business hours contribute to a positive user experience, allowing potential customers to find the information they need quickly. This transparency fosters trust and can lead to higher customer satisfaction. This also improves your search engine optimisation in Cyprus.

Why Current Business Hours Matter

Enhanced User Experience: Up-to-date business hours provide users with accurate information, reducing frustration and enhancing the overall user experience.

Improved Search Visibility: Google values businesses that provide accurate and current information. Keeping operational hours current increases, the likelihood of being prominently featured in local search results, improving your digital marketing in Cyprus.

Building Trust and Credibility: Consistently updating business hours demonstrates a commitment to transparency and reliability. Trust is a crucial factor for potential customers when choosing a business.

Keeping Business Hours Current

To leverage the benefits of this strong local signal, businesses in Cyprus should adopt best practices for maintaining accurate operational hours. Regularly update Google Business Profiles, especially during holidays or special events. Utilise tools provided by Google to communicate any temporary changes in business hours, ensuring that customers are always well-informed.

Embracing these changes and implementing best practices will not only enhance local visibility but also contribute to building a trustworthy and user-friendly online presence.